• Vanna Keiler

      I would say “no” to this question. If for any reason the conference calls are loud enough to be disturbing another employee and focussing on their job, regardless of rank, that other employee should have been moved to an office, or taken the calls to a conference room. If the problem is space, upper management and/or the manager need to come up with a viable solution. The employee should speak up about this to his or her boss and the right thing for the organization to do is find somewhere else for that manager to go for his calls.

  1. Margery

    My boss is a chiropractor who flirts with most of her male patients and sales reps. I find this behavior to be offensive, even annoying, especially when my spouse comes in for his adjustments, and she gets flirty with him. Perhaps she is in need of constant reassurance or she feels that flirting is a successful business tactic. I don’t know. But it’s disturbing. Maybe I am prudish, and should laugh it off.

    Another recent problem is that she switched my pay to cash (deducting $1/hr). This is her preference since finding out she has to pay unemployment on a former employee; and the government is apparently taxing her more than her budget can allow.

    My gut is telling me to leave this place. I’ve been there just 6 weeks. There is another employee who is about to put in her notice. That will leave just myself with the eccentric doctor. I’m stressing over the situation.

    Forgot to mention that she brings her 2 large golden retrievers to work. It seems unfair to the dogs, patients and employees that they are present in the office. With no cleaning person, it’s on me to clean up after them and everyone else. It’s too much to ask of me on top of all the administrative tasks to handle.

    I’d love to tell the doc how I feel, but she clearly runs her business as she pleases, and doesn’t welcome suggestions.

    What advice do you have for me?

    • You have many questions, and I’m sure others on this forum will be very helpful. I will address the tax issue, as what she is doing has strayed into legal territory.
      Paying “under the table” can be illegal. Moreover, it puts you in the position of an independent contractor who is responsible for ALL taxes at the end of each year (in addition to your own social security, and whatever else the employer typically pays). That can be a nasty surprise for those who didn’t anticipate it.
      You may want to confidentially report her to the IRS. Please see this IRS link for more information on how to do that. I wish you luck.

      • Vanna Keiler

        Let’s take inventory regarding your job environment:

        Boss flirts inappropriately with staff and employees
        You have no respect for boss
        Boss is paying you under the table, illegally
        Another employee has quit recently
        Boss subjects you to job tasks not part of your job description

        I would start looking for another job immediately. In the meantime, continue to earn your pay as before. It doesn’t sound like anything you say by way of suggestion will help this boss, who does not seem to understand the basics of running a company. Good luck.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      I agree with Just Laura. Your boss trying to pull one over on the IRS is unacceptable, and I strongly suggest you report her.

      In terms of her flirting habits, that can be difficult because many times the line between flirting and not flirting is fairly subtle so telling her to stop flirting will likely just result in her saying “I wasn’t flirting! I’m just friendly!” If there is something specific she does, depending on what it is, your husband may be able to ask her to stop doing that thing without labeling it as flirting. For example if she touches him more than necessary, he can say “do you mind not touching my arm like that? I feel uncomfortable when someone touches me and I’m mentally prepared.” (Many people actually have this problem.)

      For the dog problem, you can develop an “allergy” (your allergy can be to cleaning up after your boss’s dogs) and ask her not to bring them. Frankly there seem to be a lot of problems with this workplace. Seeing as your boss is already engaged in illegal behavior that you know of, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more illegal behavior that you don’t know of. I suggest you look for another job and try to quit before her business gets shut down.

    • Jerry

      You haven’t really asked an etiquette question. I’d do what I consider best for me — you don’t owe your employer anything. Given that your boss “runs her business as she pleases, and doesn’t welcome suggestions,” that tells you that “tell[ing] the doc how [you] feel” isn’t going to generate any positive results for you. You should consult a labor lawyer re: the reduction in pay if it bothers you; you may also take Laura’s advice to report her to the I.R.S. and to your state’s regulatory authorities if you’re feeling particularly vindictive.

      (Laura — you’re wrong w/r/t the advice that the O.P. automatically becomes an independent contractor. As your own link shows, the test as to whether Margery is an independent contractor is fact specific and we just don’t have enough of them here.)

      • I did come to that conclusion hastily – of course with new facts she may or may not be one. Still, I hope the link provide helps, and I thank you for pointing out my error.

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