1. Melissa

    This may be a silly question, but what is the appropriate way to address an email sent to two professors? It it better to say “Dear Professor Smith and Professor Frank?” Or “Dear Professors Smith and Frank?” Thanks so much!

  2. jane

    I have a similar dilemma. I can only have 20 kids at the place we are holding his party (a martial arts school). I know several of the children have 3 siblings. I’ve only invited 15. Should I address the issue? I would normally say “Siblings Welcomed”, because I am always curious on what to do.
    If it were at my house, or somewhere I could pay per head, I wouldn’t mind a ton of kids. But it’s not the biggest space.

  3. Alicia

    Well if you only invited 15 kids and you have less then 5 kids yourself then you should be fine. I would not say siblings welcome as they are really not. It would be rude for anyone to bring a sibling without asking you and it would be fine of you to say no to any request to bring siblings.

  4. Puzzled mom

    So, my question is about what to do about a used gift card present? My son just had his 13th birthday party and received some iTune gift cards from a friends (a set of twins). The cards had been pulled off the backing that they come on from the store and attached to a birthday card. Well, my son pulled them off the card and noticed that the scratch off portion had already been scratched off. We thought that odd and so my husband plugged the codes into the website to find out that they had already been used and there was no value to the cards! My husband contacted tech support thinking that perhaps someone could have stolen the numbers at the store. Well, tech support emailed back and were able to tell us that the 3 $10 cards had been activated and used by the family (they had the last name) who gifted them and the dates they were used were almost 2 years ago for one card and almost a year ago for the other cards. My son was obviously upset about the cards not working (we didn’t tell him any of what we found out). We just told him that there must be some kind of mistake with the cards. The funny thing about this is that my son would have been totally fine receiving a homemade card from his friends and no present. He just wanted them at his party. He was excited about the iTune cards because he doesn’t really have much money to spend and we are not in a position right now to buy extra things like that. It was just disappointing to him and weird. I am just not sure what to do…would you say something to the parent? I can’t think of a polite way to bring it up. I also think my son should write a thank you note still but he is pretty sad about the whole situation. Any advice?

  5. Kim

    My daughter has been invited to a birthday party for a girl that she doesn’t like very much. My daughter wants to go because of the venue of the party but not because of the party girl. Should I send her to the party or keep her home because she doesn’t like the party girl?

    • Alicia

      She was invited. She wants to go. If she can and will be nice and a gracious guest she should attend. Attending however means being a gracious guest and nice to the birthday girl and other guests at the party. So let her go.

  6. Joanna

    Is your daughter planning to have a party of her own anytime soon? If so, I would gently remind her that when you go to someone’s party and then you have one yourself, it’s only polite to invite them back – and in fact, if you do have a party and DON’T invite them, if they hear about it from another friend, you may have a big problem. So, unless she’s planning to invite that girl to her own party, it’s best not to go to hers.

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