1. Heather

    Thank you! I try to carry my son in a carrier whenever possible, but sometimes we just have to use a stroller. I GREATLY appreciate someone holding a door open for me, as it is remarkably hard to reach around the stroller, prop a door open, and push the stroller through without it closing on you. I have newfound respect for people who use wheelchairs!!

  2. Eugenie Harrison

    After a single woman rudely commented as I passed by her with my twins in their City Select back/front stroller “Emily Post says vier to the right!” Now, I love EP and have my grandmother’s edition, but I’m sorry it’s a lot harder for me to push 150+ lb. around her so she didn’t have to move, also in keeping with safely children should stay on the inside, you never know when a car is going to hop the curb (we live in NYC). And how rude was it for her to make such a remark. What are your thoughts?

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