1. Winifred Rosenburg

    I agree that opening gifts at the party isn’t necessary. Actually, I think it’s overrated in general for two reasons: 1) It encourages competition where guests want their gift to be the favorite. 2) Many children (and some adults) haven’t learned to pretend they like a gift when they don’t.

    • Ashleigh

      My thoughts exactly!! Also as children get a bit older (toddler-early childhood years) there tends to be present-time meltdowns: children who also want presents to open, children who are upset because they want they toy that is being opened, etc.

  2. Sheryle

    A couple baby showers were given for my daughter. Everyone was invited. Her work friends, my work friends, neighbors and family members. My question is because everyone was invited to her baby showers do we have to invite everyone to her wedding which is being held in December?

    • Elizabeth

      No – the rule only has to do with wedding showers. You should only invite someone to a wedding shower if they will be invited to the wedding. Baby showers are different – people love to celebrate babies, have lunch with the ladies, and baby gifts can be very inexpensive.

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