1. Jody

    My answer to the poll is a mix of two of the choices. I’d definitely “spoil” a prank if the prank is mean-spirited. As for other times — sometimes I would and sometimes I wouldn’t. It all depends on the timing. Sometimes a prank isn’t mean-spirited, but the timing is just wrong; in those cases I’d spoil it.

    By “spoiling” a prank I mean anything from telling somebody outright that it’s a bad idea (in case of the mean-spirited prank) to quietly saying something like “I know you didn’t mean anything bad by this but this is not the time and place” (in cases of bad timing).

  2. Emma

    I loathe April Fool’s Day – a day designed to prey on one’s trust in another person, and to mock them for that trust.

    I just assume they’re all pranks and do my best to not respond so I don’t give the pranker the satisfaction of a reaction.

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