1. Liza

    What is the best way to confront a co-worker who commonly discusses her bodily functions out loud and in detail? Our office is small and she makes no attempt to be discrete. We really don’t want to hear about her bathroom habits or her other inappropriate issues. Is this just a lack of manners or complete ignorance on her part? Help!

    • This appears to be complete ignorance of how her discussions affect her coworkers, and nothing malicious. Personally, I’d display a wide-eyed face and say, “Goodness, TMI* Sally!” Perhaps if enough people started saying this (or variations such as, “oy vey, I just ate and can’t hear about this now”), she may take the hint. I wish you the best.

      *too much information

    • Zakafury

      Definitely wait for her to say something, so it’s clear what incident you are referring to. Then, with an appropriate look of disgust or shock, “Janet, leave the bathroom details out of the office, please.”

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