1. Jody

    I have yet another tipping question. I’m going to have a new kitchen appliance delivered and installed (and the old one removed); this will be a case where either the store includes delivery/installation in their price or I pay the store extra to do it. Is it appropriate to tip the deliverymen?

    • Elizabeth

      I think this is the kind of situation where tipping is not required or expected, but perhaps hoped for. (I would guess that maybe 10% of customers tip the delivery guys.) In this case, tipping would not correlate to a percentage of the purchase, but might rather be based on their efficiency, cleanliness, and willingness to deal with any unforeseen problems. You might tip $10-$20? But again, this would be gravy considering that these guys make a decent wage (unlike waitstaff).

    • Ashleigh

      You do not *have* to tip in this situation. Tipping is always a nice thing to do but delivery is included with the price of the appliance. I’m not sure what “delivery” actually entails. If all they are required to do is get the new appliance in the front door, plop it in the middle of your kitchen, take the old one and leave then I would not even think twice about not tipping. If that’s all they’re required to do and instead they unpack the new appliance, put it in its place, take all of the boxes, etc. then I would give them a few dollars for being nice enough to go the extra mile.

    • Lilli

      I don’t typically tip for a standard delivery, but if it’s particularly tricky and they do a good job then definitely tip them. For example, I once had a leather couch delivered to my tiny apartment with stairs and turns and tight corners to navigate. It took them 40 minutes and in the end they didn’t scratch the couch or scuff the walls – that was deserving of a tip in my book!

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