1. Brynne

    My husband and I are throwing our daughter a 1st bday party and are worried about a lot of batteried operated and plastic toys. Is there any nice way to put in the invite for people to bring their favorite book, toy, or plant?

    • Elizabeth

      Not really, no. What if someone wanted to buy her a onesie? Leave the gifts up to the gift-givers (although you are free to speak your mind if someone asks), and then just get rid of or donate anything you don’t want her to have.

      • polite punk

        I agree that I would feel odd about buying a plant for a one-year old.

        However, I wouldn’t feel put off if the parents were encouraging books as presents. Maybe this is just because I almost always give books anyways…

        But I’m thinking about “stock the bar” parties that 20-somethings often throw. Why can’t there be a “stock the library” party? I guess it also depends on who you are inviting and how well they know you.

        Or maybe if you don’t specifically request books on the invitations, you can always hint at it by making the invitations (both design and words) very children-book friendly. By suggesting that the party will emphasis reading, it might encourage party guests to shop for books.

  2. Jerry

    I know this question has been addressed before, but I’m too lazy to look through all the postings.

    Mr. John Smith and Dr. Jane Smith are married. How do I address a letter to the two of them?

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