1. Jody

    I thought readers here might be able to give me some tips on this situation. A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a friend’s 70th birthday party. The invitation came from his daughter and I promptly responded “yes”; the hostess said she was going to send directions in a day or so. Last week I hadn’t received directions so I tried to pull them up by Mapuest or Google; the development must be new because neither website recognizes the street. I then e-mailed the hostess asking for directions and explaining that the websites didn’t recognize her street. Now the party is a week away and I still haven ‘t received directions from the hostess. I was going to call her a few days before the party but wondered if there’s anything else I could be doing? Even though the party isn’t a surprise, I hesitate to call the honoree for directions as it’s not at his house.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      You can try calling the hostess. Some people respond better to phone calls than emails. You can also see if the development has a website with directions. If all that fails, I say call the honoree. He likely knows how to get there, and if not he can push his daughter to get back to you.

      • Jody

        Thanks Winifred. I’m glad I waited to call — I just got an e-mail from the hostess with directions. She sent it to several people, so she was probably waiting until after the RSVP deadline so she could send everybody the directions in one message. Besides that, she’s probably busy getting ready for the party.

  2. Kylie

    I wake up at five am every day to get to work by six and I also am a full time student and work a part time job so there isn’t much time to sleep. I usually don’t want to wake up as early as 4 or 4:30 to do my hair in the morning so typically I do my hair and makeup in the back office where no customer can see me (and we rarely have customers that early anyway that I have to interact with). Is this a faux pas to do your personal grooming at work, even if you have no interaction with customers typically that early and your boss hasn’t even come in for the day yet? This is just something I have been thinking about lately. How would you feel about it?

    Kylie, OH

    • Alicia

      I’d be annoid if my employees were messing with their hair and makeup in the back when they were supposed to be working. I say you need to simplify your morning hair and makeup routine into a few minutes and do it before you leave your house in the morning. A simple hair and makeup routine can be done in 5 minutes

    • Jody

      Kylie — It’s not clear whether you do this before your work hours start or after your work hours start. Even if there are no customers there and your boss isn’t there, you shouldn’t be doing your personal grooming on your boss’s time. Alicia’s suggestion is good, to simplify your morning routine so you can have it all taken care of when your work hours start.

    • Jerry

      Kylie: You’re fine from an etiquette perspective. No faux pas so long as (i) you’re getting your work done, and (ii) not making your boss or your customers wait to accommodate your schedule.

      • Kylie

        Yes, I am getting my work done and my boss knows about it and doesn’t care at all. And it’s hard to simplify my morning routine into five minutes so I’m left with maximizing the time I have. But thanks for all the replies!

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