Get a Grip: Proper handshake manners

by epi on March 8, 2012

Q: What are the rules regarding handshakes in business situations?  Should men stand when shaking hands with each other?  And are women required to shake hands?

A: Everyone at a business gathering — men and women alike — should greet each other by shaking hands.  A proper handshake consists of four simple steps:

1) Stand.  You should always stand up — both men and women — before shaking hands, unless you’re in a booth at a restaurant where standing simply isn’t possible.

2) Look the person in the eye and smile.

3) Give a firm handshake — one that’s not a limp, “dead fish” type and not a bone crusher, either.

4) Say your name, and make sure to repeat the other person’s name as well (“I’m John.  Nice to meet you, Paul”) so that you’ll begin committing it to memory.

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