1. Vanna Keiler

    I think a friendly call to the company is a great suggestion. As EPI staff pointed out, there may be other reasons the incumbent was not further contacted – including the possibility that the contact may no longer be with the company. I would contact the company directly and enquire first if the position had been filled, then follow up with explaining you were one of the candidates and just wanted to confirm as you had gone through the interview process and were highly interested in the position. Sometimes the reception staff may have insight into the status of a position and readily fill you in, or they could direct you to another contact who could explain the outcome in greater detail, if your contact is no longer available. At the very least, it demonstrates your high enthusiasm for this company, and may keep you high on the list of other incumbents for upcoming openings.

    • Lady Antipode

      And excellent suggestion. The phone call can also give you the opportunity to ask why you weren’t hired, so you can use that feedback in your next opportunity.

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