1. Vanna Keiler

    I think a friendly call to the company is a great suggestion. As EPI staff pointed out, there may be other reasons the incumbent was not further contacted – including the possibility that the contact may no longer be with the company. I would contact the company directly and enquire first if the position had been filled, then follow up with explaining you were one of the candidates and just wanted to confirm as you had gone through the interview process and were highly interested in the position. Sometimes the reception staff may have insight into the status of a position and readily fill you in, or they could direct you to another contact who could explain the outcome in greater detail, if your contact is no longer available. At the very least, it demonstrates your high enthusiasm for this company, and may keep you high on the list of other incumbents for upcoming openings.

    • Lady Antipode

      And excellent suggestion. The phone call can also give you the opportunity to ask why you weren’t hired, so you can use that feedback in your next opportunity.

  2. Jake

    The bottom line is this..nobody cares. Looking at an application takes time and interviewing takes even more time. Whether you are a hiring manager or a recruiter, you do not have even a little time to give a human being the closure of a yes or no answer no matter how much of it you have already spent deciding whether or not you like them. In the last eight months, I have applied to at least 100 companies, been on 14 phone interviews, and been invited to 7 live interviews. Among the live interviews, 2 of the companies gave me the courtesy of a phone call. The other five were not so considerate. First, I flew from Chicago to Los Angeles on with my own money, rented a car, paid $150 to have my dogs watched, and took 3 days of my time to interview for the job. My compensation..Silence. On another job interview, I took 3 trains, 2 taxis, and walked a mile, filled out tons of paperwork, took a tour of the office. My reward..Silence. I drove 60 miles in horrendous winter traffic, interviewed with 2 people, was given a tour of the office, and told I would hear from them in a week. A week went by and they actually told me to stand by for another week because I was one of their top choices…Silence. I even interviewed with a company just a few miles from my house, 3 times plus I did a 1-day job for them and received positive feedback by the end of the gig. Sounds of SILENCE. I will not bore you with the other stories because its just more and more heartbreaking SILENCE. Meanwhile, friends are family are constantly wanting updates, bills are piling up, and I also happen to spend each and every day NOT doing my job because I am either looking for one or scraping by with temp work. “Thank you for interviewing with us. We appreciate your time, but have chosen to go with another candidate. Best of luck”. That took me exactly 35 seconds to type. Keep in my I write thank-you notes right after each interview and follow-ups the week after. I know for a fact no one on this planet is THAT busy, just thoughtless and lazy. It is true, they probably weren’t worth your time anyway, but this only gives you so much comfort when your getting buried in debt and hating your life because a half doesn’t companies are sitting on a fence somewhere ignoring you. It is impossible to get through a stack of applications, this I can accept. But you just don’t express interest in a person, tell them what you might pay them, and just shut down. It is cruel and abusive, and they get away with it. I’m not sure but do outside HR audits exist? That’s something the government should implement if they haven’t already. You should only be allowed to use another individual’s personal time for so long. Beyond that, you are simply torturing people.

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