1. Country Girl

    I agree, this is really strange and invasive behavior. And not only is it offensive to the hosts for the reasons the EPI listed; but I would guess other guests (who would have no idea when your husband has last cleaned his hands) probably perceive his actions as pretty unsanitary. I don’t especially want a fellow guest handling any of my dinnerware before I am to use it. =S

  2. Sandra

    I would like to know the principle behind viewing the back of a plate and cutlery as nosy and invasive while asking the hostess as being okay? I don’t see it as strange since he clearly likes the tableware or unsanitary. How many people really don’t although they should wash their hands before eating”

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      I think it’s like grabbing the tag of a friend’s dress instead of asking where she got it. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but the idea is you could easily just ask and have it be an actual compliment instead of acting like you don’t trust them to tell the truth so you decided to find out for yourself.

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