1. polite punk

    This is great. However, I wish, for once, I would see a message to drivers on how to share the road. Yesterday when biking I almost got hit by a car that decided to enter the bike lane as it made a right turn. This happens almost daily.

    • Zakafury

      I’d love to know your opinion on how that situation ought to be handled. It seems to me that a wise cyclist would let a car signalling a right turn get a little distance ahead of them to cross the bike lane without trouble. A polite driver wouldn’t try to race ahead of a cyclist before making a right turn.

      If I saw bike traffic, I might “merge” into the bike lane a short way before my intersection, so I wouldn’t have to worry about a cyclist trying to pass me at just the wrong time. I could see how this could incite an “It’s my right of way in this lane!” response, but bicycle lanes are uniquely dangerous precisely because cyclists feel they are sacred and car turning right cannot avoid crossing them.

      I wish I could personally thank every cyclist I ever see actually waiting at a red light.

      • polite punk

        Technically, the driver doesn’t actually have to cross the bike lane, as the bike lane breaks in the intersections. However, yes, if there is a driver near or in front of me with their right turn signal, I do tend to give them a little distance so that their turn is easier. This guy, on the other hand, cut me off and pulled right in front of me. Sadly, this happens more often than not. He was also on his cell phone.

        It would also be nice if drivers learned to look in bike lanes before opening their car doors.

        I stop at every stop sign and wait at almost every red light. (The ones I don’t wait at are the ones in very residential neighborhoods where there isn’t another car around. In this case, I do treat it like a stop sign, but will often keep going once I’ve decided it’s clear).

        Another reason why I recommend helmets is that I feel like they signify to car drivers that the biker is more serious about her safety.

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