Watch for Big Watches

by epi on February 6, 2012

By Dawn Stanyon, AICI FLC, Professional Image Consultant

A trend over the past couple years is large watches. Really really large watches. Whether it’s a Rolex or a more affordable brand, men and women are wearing these signature time pieces to the office. Our take? Great! But consider minimizing other accessories. Men generally keep their accessories to a minimum. A tie; maybe a pocket square; maybe cuff links. For women, here’s a tip from our professional image consultant Dawn Stanyon. When accessorizing remember this rule: 3 accessories is quite subtle; 5 accessories adds visual interest; 7 or more can be overkill. Assign one point for each accessory. If the accessory is large or dominant, assign it 2 points. A big watch on a woman’s wrist would definitely be 2 points.

What do you think about huge watches in the workplace?

For more, visit Dawn’s blog, Professionality.

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