1. Allyce

    As a veteran Foreign Language educator (2 FL + English), I believe that I can speak with some authority on this subject. I have always taught as much of the target cultures as possible, since this helps us understand the people whose language is being learned.

    When I have visited, studied in, escorted groups to other countries, everyone has been expected to speak the national language(s). If we are not able to speak the local language, we have needed to humble & apologetically ask for assistance in English. This gesture is usually accepted with kindness, and people are happy to help. Since it has overtaken French as the global language, many people at least understand English.

    When people visit America, they need to learn to speak English for restaurants, hotels, tourist areas. If they choose to stay in the USA, they need to become very proficient in English and use it in public, especially in the workplace.

    This is why America has historically been called “the melting pot”. In the past, immigrants have worked to adapt to our culture. To be successful in the US, people from other countries need to continue this tradition, rather than expect us to adapt to their language and customs.

  2. Stephen

    Another idea might be to start to learn their language or even hire a translator or maybe have them write down important passages via paper, e-mail, etc and use Yahoo or Babblefish to translate it.

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