1. Alicia

    The threat of your car being broken into and the phone stolen keeps me from leaving it in the car. Instead I just turn it off and keep it in my purse.

    • In case you ever do have your phone stolen from your car, most car insurances cover that (simply an FYI for you; I’m not trying to tell you where to park your phone). :)

      • LC

        Yes, but the deductible is probably higher than the cost to replace it. I would never leave a phone in the car (or any other valuable, for that matter). As Alicia said, just turn it off or silence it and resist the urge to pull it out when you are with company.

  2. Becca Carr

    I ALWAYS leave my phone in the car when I go to a formal dinner, or class, and sometimes work. Fits perfectly in the glove compartment or in my purse which stays in the trunk. If thieves don’t see anything to take, they are less likely to break into your vehicle.

    • LC

      Not entirely true. I had my car broken into even though there was literally nothing in it and nothing visible. They broke in to rifle through the glove box and console, because they know that’s where people stick things in hopes of fooling them.

  3. Just Me

    Actually, it wouldn’t be covered under your car insurance policy (unless it is physically attached to your vehicle), and therefore you would have to put in a claim through your home insurance. Best practice would be not to leave any items of value in your car.

    • Perhaps your insurance doesn’t cover it? (I don’t have homeowners.) Mine is USAA, and they informed me that my cell (as well as iPod) would be covered. Didn’t mean to spread false info if other insurances don’t do this!

      • Jody

        Yes, it’s safest to check with your insurer. Mine (Nationwide) covers it, either through my homeowner’s policy (for thefts outside the residence) or auto policy. If you do keep your cell phone with you, please do keep it turned off.

  4. Jerry

    Or just keep it on silent. Then you have it in case you need it, but won’t be tempted to check it if and when it rings.

  5. Kathy

    The point here is not exactly leaving it in the car… The point is to remove the temptation of checking your smartphone by leaving it in a safe place – that you determine – so as to avoid this faux pas.

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