1. Janet Kidder

    Re: Rehearsal Dinner
    Question from Mother of the Groom
    We will send invitations to the Rehearsal Dinner and include a response card, asking if the invitee(s) will attend. Is it permissable to also include on that card the following: ______ fish, ______meat or ______vegetarian?
    We need to know if it is a couple, which choice they are selecting. Therefore, how should it be worded? In fact, if it is permissable to have all (names and selections on one card), how should the entire card be worded? Thanks so much (I have checked several volumes regarding wedding etiquette, but have been unable to find an answer).

    • Alicia

      Well you have two options either say . Please initial your choice Beef , Fish, vegitarian. Or just let them put numbers and take a guess. The couples will trade meals if there is a tiny mistake like that.

  2. Carole Epstein

    My soon to be daughter in law wants to include invitations to the after rehearsal dinner (with a response card) and an invitation to the brunch (with a response card) with her formal wedding invitation.
    I think this is highly inappropriate…what do you say?

  3. KT Peters

    My daughter’s future mother-in-law wants to invite every woman on her side of the wedding list to the bridal shower even though they are out of state and probably won’t attend or they have never met the bride. The MOTG suggested all be invited so they would receive more gifts. My daughter feels uncomfortable doing this. To whom should bridal shower invitations be sent?

    • Country Girl

      Your daughter should kindly let her future mother in law know that she would feel more comfortable with a smaller shower. Your daughter and/or the host of the shower are the ones who come up with the guest list for the bridal shower anyway. Mother in Law doesn’t get a say, unless for some strange reason she is throwing the shower (which she shouldn’t really be, because she is immediate family to the couple). Her reasoning behind inviting out of town guests she knows won’t be able to come = more gifts is both absurd and rude. Shower invitees who aren’t able to make it to the shower are not required to send a gift in the first place, and it very likely word will spread that this shower is coming across as a gift grab. I would encourage your daughter to stand her ground, she seems to have a level head and good heart. It would be a shame for future MIL to turn your daughter’s happy shower into a greedy, offensive event.

  4. Carolyn

    A large portion of the people who will attend my son and soon-to-be daughter in law’s wedding are relatives of the bride and live about 3 hours away. My question is about my responsibility (or not) to attend bridal showers in their towns. I want to do the right thing. Please let me know what the tradition is. Thank you!

  5. Alicia

    You must RSVP promptly if invited. You are not required to attend but may attend if you wish. So RSVP promptly either way whichever you prefer.

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