1. Anne

    When my husband and I got married, I followed the suggested etiquette of not doing that because it suggested that people will find out by word of mouth. Well needless today, that did not happen. We received completely random things that we had, did like or did want and many of those people did not provide receipts to return the items or they were unreturnable. I know that I may seem to be coming off as a bit petty because we did not get what we wanted and I was content that people came to share the day with us and got us something but it was very disappointing. This is one tip I wish we had not taken.

  2. Ashley Redmond

    I recently got married, and followed the rule of not including any information about a gift registry, and everybody seemed to be intelligent enough to find out for themselves. Be it by calling parents of the groom/bride, or by asking close & familiar friends, it all turned out just fine.
    I find it extremely rude when I receive an invitation with included registry information. It’s as if my presence at the wedding/party isn’t so much what’s important as the present I bring…and that it’d better be a present that’s on this list and only this list!
    When I invited my guests to my wedding, I did so with the sincere desire to simply have them at the biggest moment in my life thus far… Their presence was gift enough to me. Those who felt generous and wished to purchase a gift did so without expectation, as gifts should be.

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