1. Zakafury

    I disagree. LW, you are indeed wrong to feel this is a “completely unbelievable lapse in judgement by school officials.” They are not promoting lingerie day, please don’t act as though they are.

    As a high school teacher, I can assure you that Pajama Day really means Flannel Pants & Tee Shirts day. If anything, they clothes are markedly less revealing than the norm for teens. Some students wear inappropriately revealing clothing on a near daily basis.

    Around here, if a student is dressed outrageously, they are not allowed to attend classes until a change of clothes arrives. The same would be true on a spirit day.

    Our Pajama day comes as a response to banning PJ and yoga pants from the day to day dress code. Having one rule relaxed one day isn’t harmful at all. I think the desire to come to school in sleepwear comes from emulating college students who might attend an early morning class still dressed for bed.

    If it pleases the reader, we also have “Dress Up” days on a more regular basis, where students are encouraged to dress appropriately for a business professional. This provides a marvelous opportunity for teaching the boys to tie a tie. Some girls choose to stretch the limits are wear mini-skirts…does that mean the idea of such a day is completely unbelievable?

    • I completely agree. I worked in a middle school setting and we had a very real problem with gangs. The result? We had a very strict dress code. On the rare occasion that we had a school spirit day, the students knew that “lapses in judgement” might cause those days to disappear altogether. We rarely had anyone wearing anything other than flannel pants and t-shirts on those days.
      If anything, those days allowed students to all cheer for the same thing- which considering the gang issues in our school, was a great thing to be able to foster.

      • It just occurred to me that I teach college now, where wearing your PJ’s to class is pretty normal. It’s not all that classy, but not unusual at all.

  2. Alicia

    Way back 20 years ago (FYI I was just shocked to realize it has been 20 years) when I was in high school we had a whole week of homecoming spirit days. Top of my head they were School colors day(sports teams encouraged to wear sports team attire everyone else wore the colors at least this was always the pep rally day), miss matched day,Pj day, Major league sports day(NFL,NHL, minor league baseball), and formal day.
    Nobody was required (except coaches often insisted that say my swim team we were all supposed to wear our team sweatshirts on school colors day)to wear the day attire but most people did. The people that got the most attetion on PJ day were always the wacky ones who wore PJs with feet. But everyone else wore rather modest fuzzy PJ’s the type of thing your grandma gave you for christmas. It was always one of the best days in terms of those of us who dress modestly because you did not have to compete with the girls who would be dressed sexy every day. My parents would never let us out of the house like that but flannel PJs and some sneakers are very modest.

  3. Erica

    Kids having been having pyjama days for years… it’s a fun and exciting day for them, which is great! If you’re letting your kid go to school in lingerie, then that’s a whole other problem.

  4. Jenn

    I disagree with the original post, pajama day is not inappropriate. As a college student I’ve gone to class, and even made a few $20 worth of groceries shopping trip in my pjs, I got to the corner store several times a week. As an online student the only times I have to change out of my pajamas is to go to work or if I am going somewhere like a restaurant to eat.

    My son is a 4 year old preschooler, and last year and this year when they are learing their letter P’s they have a pajama day party (it last for 30 min) they read p word books…this year it is a pajama and pancake Valentine’s day party! The teachers wear their hair in pig tails, I go dressed in my pjs and help out with the class like any normal day that I am able to stay and volunteer my time!

    My advice, they are only wearing pajamas I’d rather see every teenage boy wearing flannel panst then seeing his flannel boxers because his pants are sagging below his butt…I just want to go yank their pants up and strap a belt with a padlock on it onto them! Haha! :) Come one nobody wants to see their underware!

    Bottom line: PAJAMAS ARE THE BEST!

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