1. Leslie

    Good morning. I am working on an academic investiture with multiple events. The information for all events will be included in one printed invitation. Any rules of etiquette that dictate rsvps? Can you include different rsvp’s within the same invite?

    • Zakafury

      If there is more than one host, I think separate invitations would avoid confusion. If the responses will all go to the same place, then asking for detailed information is fine.

      Using a response card should let you get the specifics clearly. Otherwise, you may end up returning a lot of phone messages for clarification.

  2. NYbride

    Hello — I am getting married in April and would like advice on the proper way to address outer envelopes to guests. For background, while our wedding is not “formal” in terms of attire (groom and groomsmen will be in navy blazers, ties, khakis), it is taking place at my family’s church, with reception at our private country club.
    1. Is it proper etiquette to include middle names or middle initials on the outer envelope?
    2. Is it proper etiquette to address unmarried women as Miss, or Ms.? Does it depend on age? I’ve read that any abbreviations should be avoided (e.g., using “Doctor” vs. “Dr.”).

    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  3. Susan Faber

    Hello–We are using formal wording on the wedding invitations that my husband and I are sending out for my daughter’s wedding. She is a medical doctor. What is the appropriate wording for her name–Alice Marie or Doctor Alice Marie Jones?

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