Respectful Resolutions: To intervene or not

by epi on January 10, 2012

Q: My good friend was really vocal about wanting to lose weight for her New Year’s resolution, but she’s helping herself to sweets a lot.  Should I say something?

A: It’s OK to offer some supportive suggestions, but don’t call her out as she’s reaching for the cookie tray. She does not need you to be the food police for her and shaming can only make her diet harder. Try to focus on the positive things she is doing instead of the negative. By pointing out the positive actions she is taking you can reinforce these actions and encourage her to continue them in the future. If she brings up the weight issue again, offer to exercise with her, or give advice couched in empathy like, “When I lost 10 pounds last year, the hardest part was avoiding sweets.  I ate a lot of fruit instead.”

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