Coffee Casualty: When you spill on a friend

by epi on January 9, 2012

Q: I hit a cup of coffee with my hand and it spilled it on the table and onto a friends lap. I helped to clean it up and apologized but it stained her jeans. Should I pay for the dry cleaning? Am I responsible to replace them if they are damaged? Is there anything else that I should do?

A: Yes, it would be appropriate to offer to pay to have her jeans cleaned. Since presumably you both immediately blotted up the excess liquid, her jeans should not be ruined or need to be replaced, cleaning should be adequate. If you feel comfortable, it may also to nice to reassure her that if in fact her jeans are ruined you would be happy to pay for them. But remember to only make this offer if you are comfortable following through on it. Aside from this, your help to clean up and your apologies, you shouldn’t be expected to do anything more.

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