1. Jodi

    Yes, your point was made and understood, and I would guess it has not put you in a good light. Years ago, while working for a real estate development company, I watched as my boss (and the company owner) read over a bill in the amount of $37 from an architectural firm. This company had been working with us for a year on what could potentially be a multi-million dollar project; they had been paid several hundred thousand dollars to date. The $37 bill was in regards to a phone conversation. My boss didn’t say much, but he was laughing as he pulled 37 one dollar bills from his wallet and had it messengered over to the architectural firm. His feeling was that if this company was going to be so petty over such a small cost, in light of what had and was coming their way, he was not particularly interested in working with them.

    I understand your feeling that if your employer wants you to mail something back, they should cover the cost of postage. However, have you ever been a little late to work? Extended your break or lunch hour longer than allowed? Left early for the day? Tread lightly … becoming known as “that person” over 37 cents postage just doesn’t seem worth it.

  2. Ashleigh

    IMO this was incredibly petty. What was this form for? Insurance? If the company is asking you to fill out forms for insurance that they contribute to this is more than fair. Tax forms? Legally necessary. If the price of a stamp is such a travesty, bring it directly to HR.

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