Employment Exploration: Looking for work while already employed.

by epi on January 19, 2012

Q: What is the proper protocol for job hunting while still at one’s current job?  How do I handle taking time out for interviews, for example?

A: Conducting phone interviews on a company telephone, writing your resume when you should be preparing that report, or meeting with interviewers on company time are all major mistakes.  Your future employee won’t be impressed by this behavior, and you risk losing your present job.  Make every effort to separate your job search from your current work responsibilities.

Here’s how: Have potential employees call your home number or a cellphone number with voice mail, then check for messages during breaks or at lunch.  If you must schedule an interview during work hours, take off some personal time.  Never use your current employer’s stationary to print resumes or letters.  You may have a personal card printed with your home address and phone number. Also make sure that you get a personal e-mail address so that you are not using your work e-mail. Also remember to use your own stamps for postage when sending written correspondence.

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