1. Jodi Blackwood

    Having been in a similar position, I found it best to write a note to the stylist, letting her know that I was making a change but appreciated all she had done for me. It was easier to let her know in this manner, rather than face to face, and simply walking away with no further comment or contact didn’t feel right, especially after such a long amount of time. I did receive a phone call from her and she was most gracious, telling me she understood, wished me well, and told me I would be welcome to return at any time. It was a nice ending.

  2. Heather

    Also keep in mind that while she is your only hairdresser, you are not her only client! So, while you feel that you have this emotionally committed relationship (and she might feel that way too), it is unlikely to feel exclusive for her, the way it does for you. You see her every six weeks, but she cuts hair all day every day. So, although she might feel a little hurt or slighted when you switch away, she is not going to be devastated.

  3. Amie

    I know this sounds kind of ridiculous, but I’m considering whether I can make a “partial” separation from my stylist! After 6+ months she’s finally gotten my color exactly right, but I’m not crazy with her cutting methods (rather haphazard). I’ve also had a problem lately with scorched ends. She was mortified when I suggested the irons had been too hot. She said, “The hairspray must have dried out the ends.” Just the ends? Really? Hairspray instantly caused dry, kinked ends? Twice? She’s become a dear friend, and I can’t imagine starting from scratch with someone new. I just don’t see her changing her cutting or styling methods to suit me. But I don’t want to give up the coloring (or the friendship!). Help!

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