1. Pi

    I have a question about rings and how to wear them when they are not related to marriage. I have recently recieved a ring of high affective value from an aquaintance and I would want to know when and how it would be appropriate for me to wear this.
    I’m 18 and the ring is a very beautiful gold ring. Would it be appropriate for me to wear this on my ring finger? Or should I only use it on my middle finger? And, again, when would it be appropriate for me to wear such a ring?

    • You may wear it when you like. Please wear it on your right hand’s ring finger; if it doesn’t fit there, one of your other fingers that isn’t your left hand’s ring finger.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      Just so you know, there is an etiquette rule that says that one shouldn’t accept jewelry from anyone she is not related to. I realize this rule is hardly ever followed, but I thought I would let you know because I was embarrassed to only discover this rule recently.

    • Lilli

      I say where it whenever you want and on whatever finger it fits! I have a lovely heirloom gold, black onyx, and (small) diamond ring and it only fits on my left ring finger and that’s where I wear it. Maybe someday when I get married I’ll have it resized so I can wear it on other fingers, but for now it’s staying put. Why should married ladies be the only ones that wear rings on the left hand? It’s my ring, my finger, and I’ll do with them as I please :)

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