• Alicia

      Depends are we talking ball cap , winter warm hat, or one of those lovely things seen at the derby and british weddings?
      Ball cap-Anytime inside except at a sports pub. When the national anthem is played. (yes women remove all caps for national anthem)
      Winter hat- Anytime you are inside ( when national anthem is played)
      Fancy hat- May be kept on inside or when the national anthem is played.

      • Jean K.

        I have 4 ladies felt hats with small brims 2 are plain one has rhinestones on the crown and the 4th is a western dressy style with a narrow brim and rhinestones on the crown as well. Alicia would you classify them as “winter” hats? Would they need to be removed inside? I wear hats all the time. I wear the above hats to church. Based on what Alicia said I would need to remove them in church is that correct?

  1. Winifred Rosenburg

    If I am hosting a dinner party in which I plan to serve food from a particular nationality, can I adjust the order of courses and other customs to be in line with the customs of that country? For example, Italian dinners usually have a pasta course. Could I incorporate a pasta course into my Italian dinner party even though we aren’t in Italy?

    • I think that would be great. Experiencing different cultures through food is always fun. If you happen to be sending printed invitations to this party, maybe say something about “courses served in the style of Umbria.”

    • Jerry


      As host, you have great flexibility in the order you serve your food. Want to serve salad after the main course? Go ahead. Want to serve a fish course, then a meat course? Have at it!


  2. Alicia

    I think an italian themed dinner with pasta course would be lovely. Actually I think mixing food friends and learning a little bit about the world into a dinner party sounds wonderful be it italy or any other country.
    mmm ok now I want tortellini in brodo (tortellini in broth) with my dinner tonight.

  3. Nicole

    I recently found out my sister is getting married. We are not close, so I’m not surprised that she didn’t ask me to be in the wedding or help in any way. My question is, what is the appropriate attire for me? Should I match the wedding party in color, or pick something complimentary or should I wear something neutral like the mothers. I’ve heard somewhere they are suppose to wear toupe. obviously I don’t want to detract from my sister.

    • Elizabeth

      You should wear any dress that is appropriate for a wedding held at the time of day and at the venue that your sister has chosen. The fact that it is your sister, and not a coworker or friend, has no bearing on what you wear. You should not try to match the wedding party, nor should you try to appear as the “mother of the bride” because you are neither.

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