1. Denise

    Every Friday I have lunch with a coworker. This week my Mom is off for work and would like to meet me for lunch, and the only day she can do is Friday. It would be awkward to invite the coworker along, so how do I basically tell my coworker that I am going to do something else this Friday?

    • Scarlett

      Simply say, “I’m sorry Sally, I will not be able to keep our lunch date this week.” She should not press for details but if she does, just tell her the truth. If she fishes for an invitation to be included, just tell her it is a “mother-daughter thing.” You should tell her a.s.a.p. so she can make other plans if she wants to. It would be nice to end the conversation by saying that you are looking forward to lunching with her next week. Enjoy lunch with your mom!

  2. Caroline

    A good friend of mine, Ruth, got engaged this past Christmas. Ruth’s sister, Kristine, got married 2 years ago, and I decided to host, with a friend, a bridal shower for Kristine. Throughout the party planning process, two other women somehow became hosts for this party as well. This might seem like a welcomed addition, more hosts to split the planning and costs, but these two women are very difficult to work with, and ended up taking over some of the more important party decisions.

    My question is, in planning a bridal shower for Ruth, how can I prevent other people from “latching on” as a host?

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Its been said that fences make great neighbors. Unfortunately, I live in a townhome development where that is not an option. My neighbor, whom my wife and I are fond of, recently got a new porch door that squeaks to no end. It sounds like a crying dog, which upsets my dog enormously, who proceeds to bark, causing even more noise to neighbors. Should I offer some WD-40 to my neighbor, is there ever a way to politely ask my neighbor to lubricate his door hinges? I already know the answer is not to spray their door myself when they are not home. Its especially bad this holiday season their families visiting, people are constantly coming in and out of their house.

    • Alicia

      I would go with the truth. Go up to your neighbor while holding a jar of WD-40 and say hey my dog keeps barking due to the squeaking of the porch door. The dog barking is driving me up a wall. Do you mind if I spray some WD-40 on the door?
      They will say yes you will spray WD40 and say thank you to the neighbor for allowing you to do so . Door will stop making noise dog will stop barking and all will be well.

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