In a Ditch

by Cindy Post Senning on December 27, 2011

This post originally appeared at my parenting blog The Gift of Good Manners. I will be cross posting some of my favorite content from that blog here at the Etiquette Daily periodically. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

During a snow storm mycar ended up in a ditch on a 45 degree angle. The visibility was almost zero and I was pulling over to clean my windshield wipers. I pulled over into the ditch, which I simply could not see. I was going very slowly and was not hurt; nor was my car damaged. But I was completely stuck. Getting out of my car would have been close to impossible. Fortunately I had a cell phone and was able to call for help. It was going to be 30-45 minutes before the tow truck would arrive.

Here’s the best part. I can’t tell you how many people stopped to ask me if I needed help. It was a feat for them to stop, flashers going, getting out in this blinding storm, and offering aid. I assured them that I was fine and that help was coming, and they proceeded on their way. A policeman, a young woman, a man in his pickup, a town truck driver, an older gentleman, a tow truck driver on his way to another car, another woman, another man – countless people stopping and offering help.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. It was so comforting and so generous. The care we show for each other is as deserving of gratitude as the gift we give at the holidays. I was on Falls Road in Hinesburg, Vermont, on Wednesday January 12. So if it was you, thank you; and if it wasn’t you but you stopped for someone else, thank you for that.

Note: The tow truck driver arrived in 35 minutes, did an amazing job of getting me out of the ditch (I never did have to get out of my car), and I was on my way home – very carefully, needless to say! Thanks to him also.

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