1. Brenda

    Since we moved to this house, the past 3 years, our next door neighbors have always given my dog a treat when they are both outside. So each xmas these past 3 yrs, I have given them a gift. I never received a thank you, nor did I expect one. I just appreciated them giving Charlie a treat. This year I decided not to get them a gift. And as luck would have it, in our mailbox today was a gift to Charlie from our neighbors. It was a box of treats. Should I get them a gift now as I have in the past? Thank you for any input. Happy Holidays! 😀

  2. Jody

    Definitely send a thank-you note. Something similar just happened to me — people I met on vacation sent me a Christmas gift. In my case it was a thank-you for a favor I did them this fall. I’ll send them a nice note, but I think neither of us is interpreting it as a “let’s exchange gifts every year” gesture.

  3. Kelly

    I work in an office and some of the staff (they are not my direct staff, but office staff) individually gave me small gifts. I felt awful as I had nothing for them – I have never worked in an office (maybe due to locale?) where gift-giving was like this. What is the proper response? A sincere thank you at the time? Thank you notes? Obviously it is too late to buy gifts.

    Thank you much,


    • Winifred Rosenburg

      This is unusual. I know it’s awkward accepting gifts from someone you didn’t get anything for, but you are under no obligation to give them gifts. Write them thank-you notes. If possible, send it to their homes so you don’t have the awkward situation of handing it to them during the work day.

  4. Anne

    I am having this issue too. My very good friend of ten years and myself have been exchanging gifts for the last few years and it has been always just him and I in the exchange. I have been with my husband for 11 years (including time when we were dating), yet as I said the gift exchange is just with my friend and myself, which my husband is fine with because my friend is like a brother. So, he has, for the first time in a long time, a girlfriend for the holidays. The girlfriend seems good. She makes him happy and does not seem to have any issues that I know about, which makes me truly happy for him. As of today, I have only met her three times and I know she is going to be around for possibily forever because after only six months, they got engaged last night. I am fine with this and am happy for him. Back to the gift giving issue, about a month ago, my friend says something along the lines of I am going to love what he and the girlfriend got my husband and myself for Christanaukka (I am Catholic and my friend is Jewish… Christmas+Hanaukka). I was caught off guard by this because, like I said, the gift exchange has always been just my friend and I and at that time, I had only met the girl twice and did not know anything about her… still do not much. Then to add to it, he said that they got me a gift as well. I do not feel that I need to get her a gift nor do I feel my husband and I need to get them a couple’s fit. I do feel a little guilty about it but I very few things about her and other than some idea chit chat on the three times I met her, I do not talk to her (not that I am stuck up, they live in Baltimore, we are in DC, and I just do not know her). Am I wrong?

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