1. Heather

    I’m so glad to see this advice! From what I’ve found, I get e-cards from people who in previous years sent no card. The people who like paper cards are still sending them. And it’s so nice to get an ecard from someone who would otherwise send nothing!

  2. Winifred Rosenburg

    I agree, but I also don’t think it expresses the same sentiment unless you include an individual message for each family. Even if the message ends up being the same for everyone (like if you wrote “Merry Christmas” on everyone’s Christmas card), it doesn’t exactly give the impression that this person thought of me to see the person’s entire addressbook listed.

    In an extreme example of this, I recently was forwarded an e-card, and I thought did they even intend for me to see this? Best case scenario they asked this person to forward it but couldn’t be bothered to find out my email address the way you would find out an address to send a Christmas card.

    • Lilli

      I agree. I know my work sent out e-cards to most of our clients, and then the partners mailed out printed cards to “key” clients. In the past they mailed printed cards to everyone. They say it’s to be more eco-friendly, but since some “real” cards still go out, there is a clear distinction as to who is important enough for paper mail and who isn’t.

  3. I got an ecard this year, and while at first I found it a bit weird, as I read it it turned out that my friend was donating all the money her saved on stationery and postage (we’re all over the world, so it gets expensive) to a charity. While I love the paper ones, I was also happy to see that he had a good reason for going the ecard route!

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