Confused Coworker: The forgotten spouse

by epi on December 23, 2011

Q: If you are sending a holiday card to a co-worker who is married and you do not know their spouse’s first name, how would you address the envelope?

A: You can send it to “The Lees” which could be a way to get around the unknown first name problem.  While there is no guarantee of a shared last name, your coworker will no doubt appreciate the card and correct if need be.  Another option would be asking another coworker who you are close with the spouse’s name.

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Winifred Rosenburg December 23, 2011 at 12:12 pm

What’s wrong with asking the co-worker? If you don’t want to admit you forgot his or her name, you can always ask how he or she spells his or her name. Even if it’s a common name, a lot of people spell common names in weird ways now so you can say you were just checking.


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