Hosting Headache: Thanksgiving and a place to stay?

by epi on November 18, 2011

Q: We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a slew of our out-of-town relatives.  Is it OK to ask some to stay at a hotel?
A: Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is a major enough undertaking without adding a gaggle of overnight guests.  If you wish, and your situation permits, you can invite relatives from farther away to stay with you.  But it’s also fine to request that they sleep at a nearby hotel or bed-and-breakfast.  Just get the word out early- ideally, when you are first inviting people to attend.

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Dee Dudley November 21, 2011 at 9:08 am

I have hosted a gathering for years on Christmas Day and have had my step sister and 8 members of her family. I have not heard anything from her all year. Her 86 year old mother has been married to my 86 year old father for 32 years. In the past, I have initiated communication with her several times during the year, concerning our parents. I don’t want to be with her and her family this year because I feel she has not made the effort to communicate with me like she should. This may hurt my Father for me to break this tradition and not have the traditional Holiday gathering with them. What should I do?


Jody November 21, 2011 at 11:06 am

If you’ve hosted the Christmas gathering for years, your stepsister may just be assuming you’re going to do it as usual. I suggest you let her know (phone call, e-mail, however you normally communicate) what plans are for this Christmas. What I’m not clear on is whether you’re going to invite your parents but not your stepsister and family, or whether you’re not going to have a gathering at all. The former is a bit touchier, but you could let her know you’re keeping the gathering very small this year and aren’t able to have as large a group.


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