• Nina

      I don’t think a guest, bringing a dessert unannounced to a dinner party, would assume there would be no other dessert prepared. That would be a pretty low opinion to have of the host! A guest who would bring something was probably thinking what LN said–and what I think too–that more dessert will always be welcome! Offer both, and let guests choose or have a smidge of everything. It’s a party, after all.

  1. Zakafury

    If this was pot-luck and someone brought this by surprise or as an extra, by all means serve them both.

    However, there s no requirement to serve host gifts at the dinner party, be they wine or cake. Making dessert for your own dinner party and only serving what you made is perfectly fine, and less work than plating this extra cake.

    It’s also possibly there’s a good motivation for bringing an alternate dessert, like a dietary or allergy consideration. While gushing over the gift I would make sure there isn’t a need to serve it, since you’ve already got yours ready.

    I would be hesitant to serve both because many folks who don’t want to consume two desserts are going to feel obligated to try them both.

  2. cathy

    I usually go out of my way to make my guests feel comfortable. If it is someone I don;t know very well, I’ll discreetly put my dessert away and serve theirs. If it is a good friend, I’ll serve both.

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