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  1. V.T. Reynolds

    I find it perplexing that still to this day, there are men and women alike who are not comfortable shaking hands with another woman. Men are still the predominant “hand-shakers” of our culture, normally initiating the handshake with women, in my circles at least (I thought the woman was supposed to initiate it, back in the day?). Also, when I initiate handshakes with other women, some women seem hesitant or respond awkwardly as if women do not normally try to shake their hands. The women with whom I experience this the most are either elderly ladies or women in their 20’s/30’s. It is the women in the middle (40’s/50’s/60’s) who seem to socially handle hand shakes the best. Then there are a few men who also do not seem comfortable shaking a woman’s hand, but mostly it seems to be the women. Is this just me?

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