1. Winifred Rosenburg

    I like to think of this kind of situation in the words of Graucho Marx “If you lend a friend $20 and never hear from him again, it was money well spent.” Sort of an expensive test of character.

  2. skc

    If friends are invited on a vacation to our time share is it appropriate to ask or expect that they will share the carrying charges? Or, since we have to pay them anyway should we not expect or ask for anything?

    • Elizabeth

      It depends upon how the invitation was worded. Are you all going to be there at the same time, or are they going in your stead? When you offered them the time share, di you say “Oh, go ahead, we aren’t using it this year. Be our guests.” Or did you say “If you’re looking for a vacation rental, we have a time share you might be interested in. It’ll run you $500 for the week.” If you’re going together, they don’t pay. If they’re going without you, the time to bring it up was when you first told them about it. One doesn’t really ‘invite’ people to take an expense off their hands.

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