1. Chara

    I have to disagree just a little- If your rule is that it’s inappropriate, don’t let her wear it. Period. Use it as an educational moment and talk to her about why it’s inappropriate and why you are having her return it, or not letting her wear it. She may be upset, but your rules are your rules.
    This is probably also a good time to think about the way you are communicating with your daughter. Did you make it clear, up front, what your rules are on what is appropriate and what isn’t? Is she following her friends, so that she’ll fit in? Does she really like the outfit, and why?
    You can’t tell other mothers what they should let their children wear, but I do agree that you should probably let the other mother know what your rules are, though without criticism.

    • Alicia

      Your daughter needs to return her outfit. Her friend should not be asked to return friends outfit. If friends mom paid your daughter should return the money to friends mom. Daughter then can make a costume that fits your guidelines if you do not ground her from halloween for breaking your rules.

  2. Tanya

    Make your daughter return the costume. She won’t be happy or understand now, but she’ll thank you later. And it may be much later – when she’s dressing her daughter for “trick or treat.”

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