1. JMA

    My Nose Knows

    I often use the computers at the local library. Recently, when I went to the library, I noticed a strong odor and realized it was body odor. The odor was so overpowering that I noticed it when I walked into the room and had to leave without ever using the computers. I think I’ve discovered the source, a person who is new to the library but has been returning on a regular basis. How can I very gracefully say to someone, “you have b.o.”?

    • Country Girl

      Unfortunately, if you are not close with a person, there is no graceful way to inform someone that their body odor or lack of hygiene is offensive. This is a truly embarassing message that is best left delivered by a very close friend.

      I believe your only graceful options are 1) Avoid the computer lab when the offending person is present. 2) Privately explain to the librarian or an assistant that there is a strong body odor in the room which has become overwhelming and ask them to open a window. If weather prohibits this or this doesn’t help, perhaps you could ask if there is another computer lab or simply another computer available in the library which you may use.

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