1. Ashleigh

    Absolutely! I agree with the above advice 100%. You may not also realize, but on a day when he is being particularly “crunchy” your annoyance might rub off onto others. I had a coworker at one point that sounded like rocks in a paper shredder and the annoyance would build up so much that I would answer my phone with a rude sharp “HELLO!?” and would be in a generally tense mood all day.

  2. lillybet

    How about “Oh Josh, your poor teeth!! My friend crunched ice and ended up with 7 root canals. Ouch!” Or Your freekin me out! My friend crunched……….. Or (whispered) Oh Josh, I heard that ice crunching is about sever sexual issues. If he doesn’t stop after this, get a pair of sound eliminating head phones. If someone asks what gives, just whisper ” Ice Cruncher” and tap you little finger in his direction! Anyway he probably doesn’t know he’s being sooooo irritating and would stop if asked. Oh here’s one.” My friend had a chimp that did that and all his teeth fell out.”

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