1. Amanda

    We are attending a wedding in mid-October, and I am having some difficulty deciding what is appropriate for my 6 yr old son to wear. The wedding begins at 4pm. HOWEVER, in casual (but strategic) conversation with the groom, I’ve discovered that, despite being in the afternoon, they have planned a very formal wedding (tuxes, evening-length dresses, etc.). My son has some very nice church clothes, including dressy corduroy slacks and khaki cordoroy blazer, which is what I planned on him wearing. Now, I’m not certain that’s dressy enough! But I hate to go on a quest for a true “dress suit” that he will wear one time before he outgrows it, if he didn’t need to wear it to begin with!!! Please help!

  2. Laura L

    Also, check and see if there is a children’s used clothing/toy store near you. I’ve found that these places are goldmines for things like dressy clothes, costumes, and athletic team clothes (i.e. NFL team jerseys, etc.). The clothing I’ve found has always been in great shape because kids tend to outgrow the specialty stuff before they can wear it very many times.

  3. TootsNYC

    I found that children’s suits were REALLY cheap. Like $35 or less. Of course, I hit a sale. But I think I might just buy it. You could sell it on Craig’s List for $15 or something, or just pass it on to somewhere useful.

    You could also talk up the whole “grown-ups wear suits” idea, and then maybe your son would like to wear it at other times; mine did, surprisingly. If yours already wears the blazer to church or for other events, then now he’d just have a little more variety.

    And I think also that little kids often get a bit of a pass. So I might personally go for dark twill pants (not khaki, really–too informal. Black preferred, or navy. And those can be worn lots of places) and a long-sleeved collared shirt in a sedate color or subdued stripe.

  4. Lady Antipode

    This website has good advice on dressing children for weddings (agreeing with Alicia that the guests can dress one level below the wedding party) – http://www.blacktieguide.com/Supplemental/Weddings.htm . “In the end it all boils down to a simple rule of thumb: if a boy is too young to tie a formal bow tie then he is too young to wear one.”

    I am wary of dressing children in adult clothes in which they can’t run around and do kids’ stuff for fear of spoiling them. Also, if the clothes aren’t comfortable, children WILL find a way to MAKE themselves comfortable, even if it means tying their tie to a tree or getting their patent leather shoes wet and covered in mud!

    I think that the church clothes you already have will be perfectly fine, especially if he is familiar with them and comfortable in them.

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