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    I’m in disagreement with an acquaintance (A) about something, though I’m not sure if this qualifies as etiquette…
    I purchased 6 cupcakes for 6 people, but A ate 2 (so someone else’s share was eaten, and the someone else was a bit miffed), so I told A that it’s wrong to eat more than his share, but A disagreed, calling me “selfish”.

    So, is what A did okay? Because now I’m confused as to what’s right or wrong in this case.


    • Rusty Shackleford

      Funny story on a related note; my office recently had a batch of cupcakes that were consumed until there was only one left. We all stared at it, nobody wanting to take the last one. Then the DC earthquake hit, we evacuated the building, upon our return, we found the cupcake had been eaten. Yes, it is very rude to have seconds before people had firsts. But remember, as the bringer of cupcakes, its always a good idea to make more than you think you’ll need for an office (I work in an office where community food offerings are quickly consumed). And a very gracious cupcake bringer would offer up their own cupcake to allow someone else to have one, even if its their second. Of course this does not diminish the rudeness of someone asking for seconds, but just something you can do to make everyone feel a little more comfortable.

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