Facebook Friending: When the office gossip sends a request

by epi on September 1, 2011

Q: A coworker who’s known as the office gossip has friended you on Facebook.  Is it OK to ignore her request?

A: Totally OK.  Ignoring a Facebook request is no big deal (nor is it rude).  While you have no obligation to join her in Facebook Land, a sincere, gracious refusal would be thoughtful.  Shed some light on your reasons for turning down her request, based on your circumstances: “I’m glad we can visit at work, but Facebook is where I keep in touch with family and longtime friends.  Thanks for thinking of me, though!”

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GirlyGirl June 15, 2012 at 4:29 pm

I never accept Facebook friend request from co-workers or collegues or Linkedin requests from friends or family. I perfer to keep these two worlds seperate as much as possible.


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