1. Alicia

    Showing up at the wrong time. I’ve had people show up an hour early and be 20 minutes late either kills their chances with me.

  2. Country Girl

    What a great poll! Preperation is the key to any interview. Without it, you are going into battle completely unarmed. How embarassing (and detrimental) to be asked basic knowledge about the company/industry and have to shoot back a blank stare?

    Before an interview I recommend thinking about what the interviewer is looking for. They obviously have a need, since they are accepting interviews, so find a way to be the solution to their problem.

    And one of the best secret weapons with which to arm yourself, is planning educated questions to ask at the conclusion of the interview. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions of them, this is your last chance to make a good impression. Yet many candidates are just so happy to be through with the enterview that they say “Nope!” and bolt. Having no questions signals many things to an employer, and none of them are good. Interviewing is a two way street and this is a good opportunity to find out some things that will help you in the future should you be hired.

    – Can you tell me some of the opportunities for growth in this company?
    – I read in the newspaper that this industry is being affected by X, can you tell me how you expect this to afftect the company’s operations in the next five years?
    – Can you describe the ideal candidate for this position?

    These show both that you are prepared and interested in fulfilling the needs of the company. (Bad questions are of course salary questions, or ones that could readily be answered by viewing the company’s website.)

  3. the boss lady

    It’s the gum for me — that is an unprofessional first impression, rather like wearing cut-offs and flip-flops to the interview. If the person’s judgement is so faulty, I doubt we’ll get to whether s/he knows anything about the company because it’s clear to me that this is a bad fit.

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