1. Megan

    My senior year of college I lived with 3 other friends in an apt: Tara, Beth and Vanessa. Over this past weekend Vanessa sent me a facebook message wishing me luck in the hurricane (she lives in another city). We exchanged some back and forth conversation via her facebook wall. Then today she said she will be in our college town (not far from me nor the other 2 apartment mates, with whom I am still friends and she is still in touch with). She said “want to meet up in October when i will be in our college town?” So I said “I think that works, I have to double check the calendar.” Then she said to let her know via email if I could. This is really awkward now b/c she initiated this meet up, yet it would be very strange for it not to be the 4 of us. How do I address this without sounding like I am either stating the obvious, causing her to say “of course I meant all 4 of us” or to sound like I am taking over? She didn’t write anything on the other 2 girls’ facebook walls.

    • Alicia

      Why make this more awkward then need be. ” Hey wouldn’t it be great to get the whole gang together lets get Tara and Beth to meet us out for drinks at our favorite college bar/coffee shop/resturant while we are both in college town” If she was already plannning whole group thing she will clarify and if not she will clarify. No awkwardness required. Stop overthinking and just ask.

  2. Jody

    That could be a touchy situation. Maybe when you respond to her again, you can ask whether she’s heard from the other roommates. It’s possible lost their contact information. I think that’s a good way to clarify the situation without sounding like you’re taking over.

    • Megan

      Thanks Jody. We are all facebook friends…that’s part of the awkwardness…both Tara and Beth could easily see the exchange that has already taken place…I thought perhaps she would write something to them or mention it but she hasn’t.

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