1. Mindy

    We are having a small wedding and my fiance has asked my father to be his best man. Is it wrong to have my fiance’s father walk me down the aisle?

    • Alicia

      Of course not . What do you, your Fiance and his father think of the idea.
      If you are uncomfiortable you could walk alone or with your mother.

      • Mindy

        I’m not uncomfortable with it, but I don’t know if it is “bad”… My future mother-in-law says I’ll be in the wrong if I don’t let my own father walk me down the aisle.

        • Country Girl

          It all depends on what is important to you (first of all) and your father. Will either you or he look back and regret him not walking you down the aisle?

          Is it possible for him to walk you down the aisle, then simply take his place as best man?

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