1. arthur

    Two young mother’s -to- be families have elected to have a combination baby shower. There are several guests who are friends with both families and who were invitee’s at the respective marriages. There others who were friends with a single mom-to-be and attentded her wedding, but know only the second mom-to-be as an acquaintance and were not invitees at her wedding. Is it a breach of etiquette? To treat these moms-to be as equals seems to me unfair; as one party may deserve a higher valued gift than the other. So does one lavish one mom and stiff or give a token present and possibly be labelled as “cheap.” –arthur

    • Alicia

      I think as there are two guests of honor you should do something for each however a card and a onsie for one mom and a nicer gift for the one you know better is absolutely reasonable. I would definatly doi something for each even if the one you are closer to you give the much much much nicer gift.

  2. Elizabeth

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving each mom a gift in line with your relationship to her. It wouldn’t make sense to give a woman you don’t know an expensive stroller just because you gave the other mom, with whom you are close, one too. The great thing about baby stuff is even inexpensive things can be cute and thoughtful. I don’t think I would go empty handed for one, but a few cute onesies and a little book or toy would be fine for someone I didn’t know well.

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