Introducing Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition!

ETIQUETTE, 18th Edition

Manners for a new World

18th-Edition-Cover-WOIntroducing Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition! It’s been seven years since the last edition of EmilyPost’s ETIQUETTE, and the world has changed. Seven years ago the term “social networking” didn’t exist ,everyone had a land-line, cell phones didn’t allow email access, and there was no such thing as an e-reader, iPad or Skype. These inventions have drastically altered theway people relate to each other. That’s where ETIQUETTE comes into play, as an essential tool in navigating 21st century communication.The definitive voice in American manners, Emily Post’s ETIQUETTE, 18th Edition (on-sale 10/18/11 fromWilliam Morrow, ISBN 9780061740237, $39.99) tackles modern issues—from texting and tweeting, to iPhones and Facebook. The Posts set guidelines like these for the first time ever. The 18th edition also incorporates younger voices, as Peggy Post begins to pass the reins down to Emily Post’s great-great grandchildren, Anna, Lizzie and Dan. They answer today’s toughest questions, from everyday manners and life in the workplace, to life stages and weddings including:
• Do I have to respond to every email and text?
• A business client is sick with a cold—am I obliged to shake his hand?
• When is it OK to “unfriend” someone on Facebook?
• If I’m in the middle seat of an airplane row, do I automatically get both armrests?
• Is it wrong for the bride and groom to tweet at their own wedding?
• Do I have to bring a gift to my friend’s engagement party?
• Should I cover my tattoos and piercings before a job interview?
• Should I throw a divorce party?

EPI-Ettiquette-18th-WOWhile they address contemporary issues, the Posts don’t stint on classic conundrums. Emily Post’s ETIQUETTE 18th Edition includes guides on names and titles, official forms of address, dress codes, invitations, eating and drinking, and wedding budgets. The Posts present etiquette in a conversational tone and various formats— charts, boxes, bullet lists, Q&As.

According to Peggy Post, though times have changed, one truth remains constant. “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

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Peggy PostAnna PostDaniel-Post-SenningLizzie-Post

By Peggy Post, Anna Post, Daniel Post Senning and Lizzie Post


  1. Alicia

    Congrats on a new book. A lot of these issues never existed until recently and it is nice to get an expert opinion of things!!

    • Daniel Post Senning

      It was a real team effort. The whole family has spent some time on this book. We have been eagerly awaiting the release as well!

  2. Pam

    This will be great. I think that while most people seem to have questions about how to handle things in this ever-changing world, those of us who are in our late twenties (give or take) are really caught up and confused because we are old enough to remember the world without Internet, iPods, cell phones, etc, but are young enough that we also grew up with it from middle school on. So, those of us who were raised with a focus on manners are trying to keep up with what is acceptable today and what is not. We have one foot in the non electronic world and one foot in. This book will be wonderful for helping us navigate through the dilemmas that facebook, twitter, cell phones, texting, etc present.

  3. Lovely, I am happy for the post family. This new edition will be very helpful because of the new ways we communicate and operate business.
    How encouraging to learn from the experts.
    Christine Ferrera

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