Pricey playdates: Scaling back expensive outings

by EPI Staff on July 2, 2011

Q: My neighbor plans expensive playdates for our kids, like laser tag and paintball–and we can’t afford it. What’s a nice way to request cheaper outings?

A: Just be honest and pleasant. With so many people concerned about expenses these days, I can’t imagine your neighbor will be surprised. You could say, “I really appreciate your planning these fun outings, but they just don’t fit in our budget.” Suggest alternatives-maybe some seasonal outdoor fun, such as a hike or a visit to a nearby park. Another idea: Many public libraries have creative programs for kids of all ages.

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Alicia July 5, 2011 at 7:33 am

This is not playdates but I have friends who do the same thing except concerts and fancy resturants and expensive bars. I’ve learned that by sugesting the more budget consious options ( using coupons, groupons, ect) as well as by organizing things like picnic for the free outdoor theater festival , or the wine tasting on the back deck instead of a bar has resulted in a few others speaking up about how expensive they found some of the outings as well and others have begun to suggest cheaper options instead of the very very expensive options.
We still occasionally do the fun expensive stuff but there is lots of free movies and plays and concerts and such as well or cheap evenings together. Now wine tasting with friends is not play date material but I bet that it is as much a lack of creativity as anything else. So try suggesting outings to parks, storytimes, free events in your community, ect.


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