1. Tammy

    iPhones and apple products have what is called “airport mode” so that people can continue using their devices so they can listen to music, watch movies, play games, etc. on their devices so that they don’t send out the offending waves and they can continue to work or play with the other features :)

  2. Tammy

    Just re-read your post, you’re right, he should have turned it off during that point no matter what :/ though I always wonder if that rule is really necessary … Probably not much to worry about, but the flight attendants should have noticed and asked him to put it away

  3. I agree that you do not want to start a flight on bad terms with your seatmate. I understand, however, how frustrating it is when others do not think the rules apply to them! In this scenario, you have to recognize that saying something to this person is not your job. The fligh attendants will usually notice if someone is not respecting the rules – and say something. If, for some reason, a flight attendant does not notice, you may consider getting up to use the restroom – and letting an attendant know the situation. That way, you save yourself from having to be involved in any disagreements during the flight.

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