Eco-fying the office: Do it gently

by EPI Staff on July 24, 2011

Q: My coworker prints two copies of everything–”just in case.” How can I get her to be more eco-conscious?

A: Polite prodding is the right way to eco-educate your coworker–to a point. You could say, “Joyce, as you may know, the environment is one of my big causes. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning that printing duplicates uses up a lot of paper. What about saving a copy to your computer’s desktop instead of printing an extra?” After that, drop the topic; you don’t want to turn into the office eco-nag, and after all, her working style is her business.

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Elizabeth October 20, 2011 at 1:06 pm

You might suggest printing to PDF. There are very inexpensive PDF writers out there; this is a very eco-friendly/paperless office solution. I don’t even bother to print one copy to paper anymore, because I know I have the PDF “just in case”. Of course, I am assuming that your office backs up its data daily.


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